Monday, September 1, 2008

Henry's a big fan

He even made us this sign.

Which one is the skunk?

Chloe actually set up this shot. That's her skunk toy that we got her after she got sprayed. She takes the thing with her everywhere.

Weekend Wrap-up

It was a busy weekend, as per usual, for us. On Friday night we went to the Berea Oktoberfest. My buddy and radio celebrity, Jeff, was hosting the microbrew contest. We ran into Adam, Jimmy and Kristy from my office along with Uncle George and Aunt Polly. It was a pretty good time. They had a beer tasting pavilion where you could try 9 microbrews for $5 total.

There was also a Jagermeister tent where Mariella and I both got free hats and not-free Jagerbombs. If you can't tell by the photos, Mariella ended up driving home.

On Saturday, we went to the Tribe game with Uncle Tony and Anthony. We had great seats and actually ran into Greg and Melissa up in the Terrace Club. The Air Show was going on during the game and the Blue Angels kept buzzing the stadium. The Indians lost to the Mariners after playing so well on the road. But the weather was amazing. We came home and I bundled some sticks that I cut from our bushes and burned some of the trimmings. So we invited the in-laws over for a fire and smores.

On Sunday, we went over to Grandma's to clean/pack for the big move to Solon. There, I caught another skunk - only this time it was Sammy in a hat. I'm wearing the coonskin cap we got for Henry for his birthday. We got a lot done and had as much fun as you can expect. Henry and Sammy each won trophies playing a new basketball game we invented in the backyard.

On Monday, we went to the cemetery and to Cracker Barrel afterwards. As with every trip I take to Cracker Barrel, I vowed it would the last time ever. I loathe Cracker Barrel. It's like a crappy gift store with a crappy, lard-centric restaurant attached. I ordered an egg sandwich and they asked if I wanted mayo on it? Maybe they have to ensure that I'll need at least a triple bypass one day. There's also no fruit plate much to the dismay of Mariella. The closest they get to a fruit plate are sliced bananas and fried apples obviously because apples in their natural state are way too healthy.

From there we went to Mariella's parents for a Labor Day picnic, ate too much, came home and blogged.

Sammy does his own skunk dance